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AFQ on the RADIO!

We're celebrating to day because at 9:50 tonight(April 12th) we're going to have our music played on our local Top 40s station U93(92.9

FM). Andrew interviewed with the host, "Big Perm" on Tuesday night and the interview and music will be featured tonight. It's been such an amazing ride since we released our EP earlier this year and we're excited to hear our music being blasted over the airways. We're being featured on U93's "The Local Fix" as part of the promotion for the Riverlights festival we're participating in South Bend, Indiana on Friday, June 7th. We hope you'll tune in tonight with us. If you're local to the Michiana area tune in at 92.9 FM. If you're not local you can always visit the U93 Website or you can download their Apple or Android app. LETS DO THIS!!!

Big thanks to u93 and Sean "Big Perm" Willey!

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